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15 Reports That Hiring A Skillful Military Attorney For Your Prosecution Case Is Worth It

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If you need an experienced, aggressive attorney to protect your rights, I am ready to defend you, whether it is for a Court-Martial, nap/Article 15, Administrative Separation Board, or other military procedure. Be warned, any mistakes you or your free, detailed JAG lawyer make early in the process will haunt you for the rest of the case. Find a Military Law Lawyer or Law Firm by State Members of the military, including the U.S. Instead, JAG lawyer advises him to agree to 18 months of confinement and plead guilty for assault and battery in order to avoid sex offender registration. It is critical that you have experienced counsel right away. Installation legal assistance offices For more assistance on establishing a power of attorney, please contact your local legal assistance attorney. We provide free initial consultation and are open to serve you from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily. Gapasin requests that all boxer messages from the alleged victim’s cell phone be subpoenaed.  When drafting a special power of attorney, you are required to list the particular actions or decisions over which the designed has power of attorney. Criminal Investigation | Case Type: Drug Distribution No Charges, Flag Lifted -24 October 2016: A Soldier's wife was accused of distributing drugs in Germany out of their on-base house.

10:05 a.m. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has strongly condemned any foreign meddling to influence the U.S. election. McConnell spoke to reporters Monday, a day after President-elect Donald Trump said the recent CIA assertion that Russian hacking had sought to help his candidacy was "ridiculous." McConnell says that the "Russians are not our friends" and condemned Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee and other "U.S. political organizations." The Kentucky Republican says the Senate Intelligence Committee will investigate. He made his remarks as Trump continues to downplay the CIA's confidential assessment that the Russian government hacked into the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta's email account. 8:55 a.m. Donald Trump says he'll reduce the costs of the Pentagon's most expensive weapons program - Lockheed Martin's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter - after he takes office. The president-elect tweeted Monday that the "F-35 program and cost is out of control. Billions of dollars can and will be saved on military (and other) purchases after January 20th." The tweet comes the same day Defense Secretary Ash Carter visited Israel as it prepared to receive the first two next-generation F-35 fighter jets intended to help preserve the country's military edge in the volatile Mideast.

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Your detailed JAG lawyer is trying to convince you that you will be convicted if you don’t sign the guilty plea even though you already told him that you are in fact innocent? Tell them in no uncertain terms that you want your lawyer now. The goal in my private military law practice is restoring  justice to those deserving it the most. RESULT:  FULL ACQUITTAL, NOT GUILTY to ALL 13 Specifications.   While it is similar to civilian law in many ways, such as the right to counsel and full protection under the Constitution, the UCMJ has many provisions and crimes unique to the military.