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Due process, or rights afforded to citizens to safeguard against overreach by government, is an area of particular interest — as the traffic camera cases attest. He received a couple of tickets early on after the cameras were installed in 2010 in Cedar Rapids, and quickly identified legal issues. Soon motorists began contacting him for representation. But it wasn’t until the Iowa Department of Transportation in 2014 said some Cedar Rapids cameras weren’t in compliance — but the city said it planned to continue issuing tickets anyway — did Larew file his first lawsuit. Larew has now filed for several class-action lawsuits in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines and numerous individual cases, contending automated traffic cameras — which snap pictures of speeders and mails tickets to registered owners of the vehicles — are unconstitutional and violate people’s due process rights. “I try to probe the system and demonstrate whether or not the system is obeying or guided by fundamental precepts of due process,” Larew said. “What does it mean to be treated as a citizen by a governmental process?” The liberal lawyer has found unlikely allies among libertarians. This month, Larew filed the latest lawsuit contending the city of Cedar Rapids and its collections firm, Municipal Collections of America, had exceeded the statute of limitations and violated other rights in mailing out late payment notices for more than 200,000 unpaid tickets. To date, Larew has not had many victories in his fight against traffic cameras, but he doesn’t plan to give up any time soon.

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